Demand more from your on-demand operation

Spare Launch is a platform designed for the needs of today’s mobility companies, stop working with clunky or on-premise software and control your entire operation from one platform.

Bookings made easy for agencies and riders

Your agency can decide whether riders can book through an app, over the phone or both, when riders book a trip they are automatically matched with a corresponding vehicle.

Schedule your entire fleet operations

Schedule your entire fleets operations in Spare Platform up to 7 days in advance so you know you’re covered.

Customer payments made easy

Spare Pay can provide simple one-time credit card payments, or an entire mobile ticketing solution - you choose.

Spare Fleets

It’s now possible to take advantage of existing non-dedicated vehicles within your city. You will have the ability to broker trips when needed to third party, non-dedicated providers, such as taxi, private operators, and TNCs.

Trip Brokering

Rides are automatically dispatched when needed to third party non-dedicated providers, in addition to your fixed supply of vehicles.


A single-vehicle can be used across service types. This means that one vehicle can carry microtransit, elderly transit, and NEMT riders, all pooled at the same time.

One fleet, multiple services

Connect multiple service vehicles under one fleet with one shared purpose, providing all your riders the best possible service.

Your service your way

You have complete control over how your service functions including service zone, hours, stop locations & types, how users book, the flexibility of the routes, and more.

Predicted demand dispatching

By tapping into our database of rides, we can generate ridership predictions on the fly to anticipate rider demand, ensuring vehicles are located in their optimal place.

Additional features

Virtual stops for the real world

Virtual stops for the real world

Spare Launch offers a variety of stop configurations including door to door, closest stop, and optimized stop.

Fast, efficient routes

Fast, efficient routes

Spare Engine, the routing and matching algorithm behind the platform, builds thousands of potential routes before choosing the one that is best for your riders.

Rider reviews

Rider reviews

Collect valuable feedback with per-ride reviews. Quickly filter results by review tags.

Easily access and export data

Easily access and export data

All of your data in Spare Platform is easily accessed and downloaded at the click of a button.

Time Travel

Time Travel

Rewind the day using Time Travel in order to help inform customer questions and respond to feedback.



Easily communicate critical information with users by broadcasting announcements in your app.

Find out how Spare can transform your transit service!

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