The New Way to Manage Paratransit Eligibility

Ditch the paper shuffling and decentralized database. With Spare Engage you can streamline, digitize and automate paratransit eligibility.

Without Spare

  • decorative-bulletLabor-intensive with significant overhead
  • decorative-bulletLengthy turnaround on queries and applications
  • decorative-bulletPaperwork-dependent
  • decorative-bulletDecentralized and standalone process management

With Spare

  • decorative-bulletAutomated responses and faster eligibility evaluation
  • decorative-bulletAn accurate cost model that you can depend on
  • decorative-bulletDigitized solution
  • decorative-bulletCentralized and automated workflows

Unify rider profiles in the cloud

Create a single profile for each rider that contains all their information: from the who and where to the what, how and why.

Digital-first from day one

Gather and store the specific information you need for each rider in the cloud and share amongst different stakeholders.

Automate everything

Keep riders up-to-date with notifications about their case, schedule and assign assessments, and provide timely communications without ever having to lift a finger.

Modernize your current process

Create custom forms and fields that work with your current eligibility process. Spare Engage helps you digitize, manage and track it.

More about Spare Engage

Check out all the features that make this centralized database management tool integral to any well-run, modern paratransit operation.


A complete system

A complete system

Enable rider group-based services by integrating Spare Engage with an on-demand platform.

Superior customer service

Superior customer service

Respond quickly and efficiently to customer queries by using the information in a rider's profile and their trip history.

A tool for drivers too

A tool for drivers too

Collect permits and assessments and save them under a driver's profile to help evaluate whether they can perform a specific duty.