Making data-driven decisions the norm

Detailed transit analytics provided in real-time so your agency can make data-driven decisions on the fly.

Comprehensive reporting

Easily export pre-made or custom reports at the click of a button, including ridership, NTD reports, and driver reports.

Visualize ridership with heat maps and histograms

Clear visualizations help you understand how riders are utilizing your service and make it easy to communicate valuable data.

Track employee shifts

Easily manage driver payroll with clear driving and pooled-ride time tracking.

Track what’s important with custom KPIs

Spare takes an active role in helping to formulate the KPIs of a service. By utilizing customizable KPI dashboards you’ll be tracking what’s important to your agency.

Downloadable reports

Raw data is easily downloadable at the click of a button, in CSV or XLSX format. Spare Analyze provides full control over your data and has strict data privacy controls in place.

Stay up to date with personalized weekly reports

Every week our customer success team sends personalized weekly reports that help explain how the service is performing against its KPIs.

Integrate your own BI tools, through Spare Open API

Spare Open API makes it easy to integrate your data into the tools you already use, like PowerBI, Tableau, and more.

Additional features

Track rider experience

Track rider experience

Learn how riders interact with your operations, including areas where riders search but service is not available.

Detailed payment tracking

Detailed payment tracking

Understand how customers are paying for your service.

Decipher customer feedback

Decipher customer feedback

See what riders are saying about your services through built in review tracking.