Built to be integrated

Spare Open API enables seamless integration of on-demand multi-modal transportation into any application.

Spare Open API powers transit agencies and mobility companies around the world.

Enable your customers to use the apps they already have

Spare Open API can be integrated into any existing interface, meaning your customers can use your existing transit app to book an on-demand ride.

By developers for developers

We are obsessed with creating an open, elegant, and scalable platform for mobility. We have eliminated the needless complexity and extraneous details so that you can integrate Spare in minutes.

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Start building

Get started with Spare Open API in only a few lines of code.

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const axios = require('axios') // baseURL would be changed to be the actual API const config = { baseURL: 'https://9ftkqkb85ypy5wzcn-mock.stoplight-proxy.io/v1', headers: { Authorization: `Bearer EXAMPLE_TOKEN` } } // Make an estimate for a ride axios.create(config).get('/estimates/nextAvailable', { params: { requestedPickupLatitude: '49.288089', requestedPickupLongitude: '-123.111573', requestedDropoffLatitude: '49.277238', requestedDropoffLongitude: '-123.113300', // serviceId is returned from GET /estimates/services serviceId: '103f4858-4477-4eeb-a5c3-b292024eb08f', } }) .then(function(response) { const estimate = response.data // estimate object contains information about the estimate console.log(estimate) })

Test your application with Spare Bots

Utilize Spare’s simulation testing environment, Spare Bots, in order to book trips and track vehicles in real time without leaving the office.

Always improving

Spare provides a continually-improving set of tools that gains new features every week. Our world-class engineering team constantly iterates upon every facet of the Spare stack and ensures that you remain at the forefront of what is possible with transportation.

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