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The ABCs of working at Spare

A short FAQ of who we are, what we do and what you can expect when you join the team with insight from People & Talent Lead, Erin Girard.

Niklas Mey

At Spare, we create data-driven software solutions for on-demand mobility. What does that mean? We help mobility providers of all sizes, from ride-hailing startups to urban transit agencies, launch scalable, affordable and equitable on-demand transportation services.

Examples include a tool to modernize the paratransit eligibility process for millions of low-mobility riders and a sophisticated platform that empowers transit planners to take charge of their own microtransit planning. We also enable them to run their entire transportation operation!

Ultimately, we’re in the business of simplifying on-demand mobility and solving some of today’s biggest transportation challenges, like how to get from your house to the train station. We power microtransit on behalf of DART in Dallas, TX, paratransit in Cheyenne, WY, ride-hailing operations for Whistle! in British Columbia and much more​.

Now that you know what we do, our People & Talent Lead Erin Girard shares more about who we are and what you should expect when you sign on to work at Spare.

What’s the culture like at Spare?

Erin: I’d describe it as open and transparent. This is something that comes straight from our founders and is encouraged through timely feedback cycles. We are trusted to make wise decisions and supported if those decisions don't always pan out. It's so nice to work for a company that allows you to be curious and make mistakes instead of doing things “how they’ve always been done”.

How do you stimulate innovation?

Erin: We place a high value on collaborative and inclusive communication, which means our team members feel supported in bringing their ideas to life. Most of our departments work in an agile environment on two-week sprints, so that we don’t get stuck on one project, and we host hackathons, workshops and break-out sessions to encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

What is the corporate structure like at Spare?

Erin: We’ve got a fairly flat structure and collaborate across teams. The founders are always accessible and are very hands-on. Each one manages their specific team and each team also has a primary manager.

How is compensation determined?

Erin: We’ve built an equitable compensation structure based on data points from multiple annual salary surveys. This compensation structure is continuously updated and we use this to track pay equity across the organization. We also provide country-based compensation, which allows you to move around. For instance, if you were hired in Vancouver and decide to move to Halifax, your salary won’t change.

Can I grow at Spare?

Erin: Absolutely! We strongly believe in elevating the careers of our team members, which is why we evaluate recommendations for promotion twice per year. Some employees follow a linear growth path, but we also promote open and honest conversations with your manager about where you see your career going—even if it's non-linear.

What benefits do you offer?

Erin: For starters, we have unlimited, no-questions-asked wellness days because sometimes you just need a day or two to recharge. We also allow you to work from anywhere and provide an allowance to help you set up your home office. Our comprehensive health benefits include dental, paramedical, as well as an Employee and Family Assistance Program to support you and your family. You also get a flexible spending account to spend on anything from a gym membership, a bus pass or even equipment like a kayak! After a year of working at Spare, all new parents are eligible to receive up to 15 weeks' worth of compensation to help them during their maternity, paternity or adoption leave. Lastly, as a growing company, we want our team members to feel a sense of ownership over our success, which is why we offer generous stock option packages.

What is Spare’s hiring process like?

Erin: There’s a blog post for that! We like to be transparent during your entire journey with Spare, including at the hiring stage. We don’t think it’s fair for you to walk into a job interview and not know what to expect. While the process might be slightly different depending on the role, generally this is what it looks like:

First, you apply. If we think you might be a good fit we schedule an initial call. From there, if we’re still feeling the chemistry, we might send you a short assignment to help better evaluate your skillset. That’s followed by an in-depth technical interview, where you will meet our founders and we will take a closer look at your work experience. Again, depending on the role, we might assign you a technical project and if successful bring you in for a final interview and a reference check. Then, we draft our offer. At that point, it’s safe to say we really want you on Team Spare and look forward to working with you!

What can I expect on my first day at Spare?

Whether you’re working remotely or in person, we’ll arrange for you to meet your direct team first thing in the morning. Then you’ll spend some quality time with me and your manager. The onboarding process at Spare typically lasts about a month, so we can ensure you're fully up-to-speed on our products and teams!

Ready to be part of our story and change the world of mobility? Check out our current openings. Don’t see anything that’s a good fit right now? We still want to hear from you. Get in touch here.