Why you should use a mobility platform instead of an uber clone app

Can you really launch a ride hailing company with an Uber clone app? This post breaks down the risks of taking this route, and why going with a mobility platform is the safer, smarter option.

5 ways to configure your ride sharing service

How do new ride sharing entrepreneurs make their mark without overextending themselves? It comes down to a simple idea: work smarter and find what service model generates the most revenue.

How to Build a Strong Team of Ride Hailing Drivers

Drivers are the front line of a ride hail startup, and selecting and retaining excellent drivers is crucial to your success. This blog post shares tips on how to find, onboard, and retain a thriving base of drivers.

What is ride hailing?

Ride hailing is when a person uses an app to “hail” or request a local driver to pick them up and take them directly to a specific location.

Spare teams up with ride-hailing enterprise Earth Rides to provide zero-emission rides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Spare’s automated technology platform will allow Earth Rides to deliver a superior customer experience through streamlined operations.

Spare partners with Whistle! to power backend ride-hailing operations for British Columbia company

Canadian startup’s flexible technology will help ride-hailing company meet its growth and profitability goals.