How to scale a microtransit pilot

While you can learn lots from a short-term microtransit project, scaling this type of service beyond the pilot’s parameters can feel daunting — but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some ways you can grow the micro version of your microtransit.

Five ways to pilot a microtransit service

Pilot projects give transit agencies a low-risk way to put on-demand transportation to the test. Here are some ways you can try out demand-responsive transit in your communities.

On-demand vaccine transit and the future of pop-up microtransit services

Key highlights from “Pop-up transit: How to launch a vaccination service”, Spare’s webinar on how to create ad hoc transportation using on-demand microtransit.

Rural communities in the Baltics to benefit from Spare’s on-demand transport planning tools

Together with Stockholm Environment Institute, Spare will provide cost and demand modeling to help determine feasibility of demand-responsive transportation in the region.

Why flexible transportation is key to getting high-risk individuals vaccinated against COVID-19.

Getting people like seniors, low-income earners and those without vehicles to COVID-19 vaccination centers safely and efficiently is a major challenge in many places. Here’s how on-demand transit can help.

Closing the loop: How microtransit addresses the first-and-last-mile transportation problem

Getting to and from the bus or train stop can sometimes be half the battle. But with automated microtransit, transit agencies can start to close this gap and spark a change in the way we move.

What is microtransit?

Learn how microtransit solutions are improving transit access for those living low-density areas or people unable to access stop-based transit.

Spare launches its first microtransit operation in Germany as vaccination service

The on-demand microtransit service will initially be used to transport elderly residents living in the Mannheim area to COVID-19 vaccination centers before expanding to the general population.

Spare expands its microtransit operations in Japan with services in Shiojiri and Noshiro

The two on-demand transit configurations will better connect populations in these regional cities to everyday amenities

Spare Launches On-Demand Microtransit in Ohio

Spare Launches On-Demand Microtransit in Ohio The Western Reserve Transit Authority in Mahoning County, Ohio becomes the latest agency in the United States to join Spare’s growing portfolio of demand-responsive microtransit customers.

Spare steps in to power expanded on-demand microtransit in Reno, Nevada area

The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County introduces more zones to feed its fixed-route network

Durham Region turns to Spare-powered microtransit to enable rich multi-modal environment

The on-demand service will cover over 30 zones and help connect area-residents to Toronto-bound transit hubs.

Spare brings first mile last mile on-demand transit solution to Bellevue, WA

The new Crossroads Connect service will use trip brokering to bridge the transit gap for residents in Bellevue’s Crossroads neighborhood.

Medicine Hat pilots new on-demand microtransit service backed by Canadian company Spare’s powerful technology.

Spare's and Medicine Hat's project allows the southeast Alberta city to extend public transit to underserved areas of its community.

Spare Interview: Former transit executive David Leininger talks the importance of Open APIs to the future of multi-modal agencies

Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s GoPass is at the forefront of the multi-modal landscape. Ex-CFO David Leininger shares how the transit agency got there and why for multi-modal MaaS applications, partners must come to the table with open technology infrastructure.

Why Germany’s goal to provide barrier-free transit can unlock its true mobility potential

Microtransit fills in service gaps to remove transit barriers - something Germany aims to do by 2022. But demand-responsive transportation can do more than just solve accessibility issues. It can unlock Germany's true mobility potential and keep public transit relevant in the age of technology.

Spare and AtB bring electric on-demand transportation to senior citizens in Trondheim, Norway

Launched June 2, in partnership with the city’s public transit agency AtB, 67pluss, a new on-demand service powered by Spare that will soon also be all-electric, will provide Seniors in Trondheim, Norway, better access to public transportation.

Pandemic and protest: A recipe for rethinking our relationship with transit

An important lesson we have taken from the BLM protests is that it is our duty to fight for the causes we believe in. For us at Spare, that cause is making transit fair for everyone. Sometimes, we might get it wrong, but we will keep fighting, harder than ever before.

Spare and Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT) Palma de Mallorca collaborate to provide essential transport during the COVID-19 pandemic

Spare and EMT have successfully tested and implemented an on-demand transportation service on the Balearic island of Mallorca, south-east of Spain’s mainland, to ensure easy and convenient access to transportation for Palma’s population.

Spare and Denton County Transit Agency (DCTA) respond to the COVID-19 health emergency by expanding microtransit service zones

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, DCTA is expanding its on-demand transit to replace fixed-route bus services.

How to design safer public transit in response to COVID-19

How do you maximize the safety of your riders and drivers when you run transit during a pandemic?

Japan: A Transportation Utopia with a Mobility Crisis

In recent surveys from the World Economic Forum, only 26% of municipalities had highly sustainable transit systems. In 2018 this became the driving motivation for Spare to work with cities and bus operators around Japan.

Spare launches on-demand transit in Odda, outside of Bergen, Norway

Odda, a small town enclosed by the Hardanger Fjord and two national parks, is now covered by an on-demand transportation service

Spare launches on-demand transit north of the arctic circle in Bodø

Spare launched a new on-demand public transit service in Bodø, Norway with Nordland Fylkeskommune (NFK).

Spare to power Europe's first autonomous on-demand bus project

Spare and its joint Canadian/Norwegian consortium, SAGA, has been selected to operate a hybrid autonomous and human-driven public transit service in Norway and Netherlands, a first for Europe.

Spare partners with RVTD to provide new on-demand transit service in Ashland, Oregon

This week, Spare - the mobility platform transforming transit worldwide - launched a new partnership with Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) to power efficient, on-demand transit services for the city of Ashland, Oregon.

STAR Transit partners with Spare to launch on-demand transit in Mesquite and Terrell, Texas

Spare, the world leader in on-demand transportation services, launched a new partnership with STAR Transit to deploy on-demand, shared ride transit in Mesquite and Terrell Texas. The service, called STARNow, is designed to complement the existing transit services provided by STAR Transit.

DART is Building the Future of Transit

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is building the future of public transportation through their revolutionary platform, the GoPass Platform.

Spare expands in Norway, launching a new service on Election Day in Kongsberg

Spare launched a new on-demand public transit service with Brakar, a leading public transit agency in Norway.