Transit planning

Transit planning decoded

What is transit planning and how do data-rich tools enable agencies to deliver more sustainable, profitable and equitable systems?

Spare Interview: Spare’s Lead Data Scientist on the power of data-driven transit planning

Transit simulations are the key to better decision-making and transparent transit planning. Jerome Mayaud shares his thoughts on how our simulation tool, Spare Realize, can empower that process.

How to use mobility data to plan effective transit networks

Collecting information about riders and their needs is vital to the success of any mobility service. But what is mobility data, how do you get it and what’s the best way to use it?

How simulations and prototypes benefit your transit planning

Rapid prototyping allows transit planners to imagine various scenarios for new microtransit projects before they launch, resulting in optimized services tailored to riders’ needs.

The diversity data gap in on-demand microtransit

We dig deep into a large travel survey of Spare riders, to unpick important issues around gender, age, ethnicity and disability in public transportation and microtransit specifically.

On-demand microtransit is reshaping the modal split

We surveyed our riders and found that introducing microtransit induces a significant amount of new trips, removes private vehicle trips from our roads, and provides a safer and more convenient transit experience.

Microtransit, pandemic and protests: A story of resilience

The shocks of the COVID-19 crisis and the BLM protests have been testing for the transit industry. By digging into our ridership data from around the world, we find that microtransit services have bounced back quicker than mass transit.

The power of Realize: A simulation tool that redefines transit planning

Without data-driven planning, transit agencies risk designing transportation systems that work for nobody. Spare Realize, our cutting-edge transit planning tool, is here to provide a guiding hand.

Why is transit collapsing, and who’s losing out?

Your wealth, education and race determine your exposure to the COVID-19 virus on public transit.

Flipping Transit on Its Head: Part II

We put the theory of 'flipping transit on its head' into practice, using data from one of the largest on-demand microtransit services in the world.

Flipping Transit on Its Head: Part I

In many parts of the world, fixed route transit is in dire straits. We propose a radical new idea to reverse its decline: use microtransit data to smartly redesign fixed transit routes.

The Future that Never Happened

Come on a journey with us. Explore the difficulties and opportunities in unravelling cause and effect, within the scope of an on-demand transit system! Jerome Mayaud Jerome Mayaud Lead Data Scientist at Spare More posts by Jerome Mayaud.

The problem with cancellations, and how data science can help

Ultimately, this kind of analysis helps us to adjust our algorithms and user interfaces to improve the service for each and every one of our customers.