Automating data management for ADA paratransit Eligibility

Join us for a webinar on how to digitize and streamline eligibility management for paratransit riders.

A CRM for paratransit

Transit agencies that need to qualify paratransit riders should have a central system that helps manage all aspects of eligibility, reduces an agency’s manual workload, can act as a central database for the agency and across agencies, and keeps passengers informed of their status.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from paratransit experts on current challenges and best practices in paratransit eligibility management and on creating trip by trip eligibility.

You’ll also be introduced to Spare Engage, a new tool that lets you:

  • Track applications across agency departments;
  • Determine whether drivers are qualified to perform a specific duty;
  • And better evaluate customer claims.

Tanya Castle

I’m looking forward to hosting a discussion on how convenient application processes, centralized rider profiles, automated workflows and seamless communications help deliver an efficient paratransit service.

Tanya CastleRegional Director of Growth, Spare; Moderator

Our Panelists

Josh Andrews @ Spare

As Spare’s Chief Operating Officer and product owner, Josh is leading the development of Spare Engage and has a deep understanding of paratransit technology and the different pain points transit agencies face every day.

Corey Reid @ Spare

In his role as Growth Manager, Corey’s in touch with Spare’s transit agencies on a daily basis. His on-the-ground knowledge helps inform product development about the features needed to improve paratransit services.

Daniel Whitehouse @ Smart Detroit

As the Manager of Connector Services for SMART in Metro Detroit with extensive paratransit expertise, Daniel is intimately aware of the challenges riders and transit agencies face and is constantly seeking to overcome them.

Bill Schwartz @ Nelson\Nygaard

An expert on Americans with Disabilities Act compliance for paratransit, having helped the Federal Transit Administration produce its ADA Circular, Bill brings a wealth of transit agency knowledge in how different transit agencies manage paratransit eligibility data.

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