October 19, 2020

So fast, not so furious

4 New Features • 5 Improvements

In this product update, we’ve introduced several improvements to make Spare Platform faster both for administrators and front-end users, your passengers. We’re also sharing four new features that give transit providers more tools to manage and customize their operations, including:

  • The ability to automatically remove expired members from a group;
  • The option to hide service zones from passengers on the Spare Rider app;
  • And the power to toggle pooling on and off.
October 5, 2020

More Services at your Service

4 New Features • 2 Improvements

This week we’re excited to introduce a host of new features to our consumer-facing app Spare Rider! These updates will help improve the overall passenger experience of your on-demand transportation service. Updates include:

  • Important service announcements that riders must acknowledge before continuing to use the app.
  • Adjustable and more precise pick-up location information
  • The ability to select from multiple transportation services, i.e. paratransit, microtransit, ride-hailing