Case Studies

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Replacing fixed-route with microtransit in Medicine Hat

MHT provides Medicine Hat residents with a cost-effective and scalable microtransit solution to replace inefficient evening fixed-route service.

Connecting senior citizens to their community in Oslo

Ruter provides an automated and user-friendly system to connect Oslo’s aging population to the wider community.

Microtransit in response to COVID-19

EMT Palma launched microtransit to provides safe and convenient transportation for Palma’s residents in times of COVID-19.

Fleet-sharing for paratransit and microtransit in Lubbock

Citibus provides a convenient, on-demand public transit solution that improves operational efficiency

Commingling paratransit and microtransit in Lincoln

StarTran commingles paratransit and microtransit to provide a vastly improved paratransit rider experience and propel its operations into the future.

Redefining suburban mobility in Minnesota

SouthWest Transit provides scalable, on-demand coverage across a large suburban area to connect riders to transit hubs and medical facilities.

Commuters empowered by microtransit in Texas

Denton County Transit Agency uses microtransit to drastically improve access to an industrial park that has long been underserved by public transportation.

Making a community impact in Oregon

Rogue Valley Transportation District provides microtransit to residents of a small, geographically challenging town.

Boosting microtransit uptake across Norway

Kolumbus provides microtransit solutions across Norway to serve rural and suburban communities.

Transforming microtransit in Dallas

Dallas Area Rapid Transit runs world-class on-demand microtransit to provide first-and-last mile options across a massive urban area.

Simulating the potential of microtransit in Metro Detroit

Smart Detroit evaluates the feasibility of microtransit in southeast Michigan to identify the most optimal structure for four new on-demand zones.

KnowRoute: Japan’s first on-demand transit service

KnowRoute launched microtransit to connect a sizeable residential area to industry, shopping and regional transit.

Powering ridehailing start-up Whistle!

Whistle! optimizes its fleet operations, offers different service configurations as well as pricing and builds a mobility platform for its service areas.